Cloth Diapers

Absolutely nothing going on around here!! Other than I am highly contemplating cloth diapers for our newest baby-soon to arrive in August. I really need to make my mind up so I can get started on buying some and making some. I think I will have to buy some because I don't think I will be able to make as many as I need by August. I'm really liking the looks of these--but am also liking the looks of these. I have found a couple of tutorials online that I would like to sew and try out, maybe on Byron, before I make a final decision....but I have a long list of projects that need completed before I start anything new.

1-Finish 5 pillows for the order that I just sold
2-Finish sewing the handles on the Pooh diaper bag
3-Sew the Strawberry Shortcake quilt and cut, wash, and dry it
4-Sew the straps on the toddler's crayon apron
5-Finish the final details on the Shamrock bowl fillers
6-And all those unfinished projects that I can't remember off the top of my head
7-List all completed projects in my etsy shop



  1. OK, my head is spinning. I thought I was doing good to get my laundry done!

  2. It's great to know they make cloth diapers like that now. I thought about using them too when we have kids. All I remember is those old, boring ones that mom used to use. These remind me of happy, poopy or something--haha--I'll have to put my order into you now!!


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