We made it home after 10 long hours in the vehicle. Byron was sick, and just did not want to sit in his seat. So, we made several stops to try to calm his soul. He is still sick with a slight fever, runny nose, and diarrhea--which he has passed on to me (the diarrhea part). We are waiting on the camera battery to charge so we can post some pics. The others are on film-had to use the film camera because I didn't take the charger, and of course, the battery was "exhausted" before Halloween even arrived. We have loads of laundry to wash and put in the appropriate places, bedrooms to clean, dishes to wash, and toys to pick up. We will be busy for the next several days trying to get the house back in order, and trying to get some rest to rid ourselves of this "bug".

With much love,

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  1. Glad u made it home but i hate that you all are sick! Cant wait to see your pictures!!


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