A Week in Review

1. Took the kids to feed the geese and other animals at the park--assuming that this may be the last good weekend to do that. HEATH, we're going to need more corn.

2. We finally have towel bars to hang our towels on in the bathroom--instead of using the shower curtain rod. Thank you honey:)

3. Made these to eat and sell in the cafe next week! Yum!!

4. Did this with Joci this afternoon while the boys took a nap. She did all the cutting herself-except for the pumpkin page. Isn't that great?

5. Completed these (binding on Melissa's quilt, pillowcases, and some little bags to use all the extra fabric instead of scrapping it). Decided it was definitely faster and probably cheaper to buy a new machine rather than getting my old machine serviced and fixed. Used fabric I had on hand-only had to buy a couple of yards of Halloween fabric to finish some up.

6. Let "Bones" aka..Pete stay inside these past few nights. The weather has been getting colder out-20s the past few nights, and he's not doing so well in the hip area. He's been spending most of his time on our bed.

7. Started packing, but still need to finish.

Before we venture on our little 8 to 10 hour drive this weekend, I have made myself a list to be completed.

Here's my list of things to do tomorrow in no certain order:

-finish packing
-return books to library
-complete dishes
-sweep and mop floors
-talk to neighbor to watch over house
-call to have newspaper held
-finish laundry (2 more loads left:)
-pay bills
-call post office to make sure they received our hold request
-turn in paperwork to office so I can be paid
-pick up toys
-make dinner, or order pizza out
-sew 2 crayon aprons
-find some projects to take with me while on vacation

And, I also have a visit with a client. Not sure that I am going to get it all completed, but I'm sure going to try.
If you live in KS, we'll be seeing you in less than 48 hours. If not, stay tuned for pics from our trip!

Love ya',

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