The List

The dreaded list. What you see is a list of all the items that need completed to put our house on the market, and before Joe can transfer to another shop. 74 items to be exact. 74 items-wow! Now some of those little boxes are small 10 minute jobs, such as hang light fixture in bedroom, or touch up yellow paint in kitchen. Although we have several small jobs, we probably have twice as many large weekend projects. When I say we, what I really mean is Joe has 74 items to complete. I just watch the kids and keep them out of his way-most of the time:) Hopefully, we-I mean Joe can get those completed by March 1st-his date he can start looking to transfer.

Here are some pictures of Joe and the kids riding the 4-wheeler yesterday in the empty lot across the road from the house. Yes, I realize the kids need helmets; I just haven't gotten around to purchasing those yet.

Byron patiently waiting his turn.

Lots of love,

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