around here...


-the mornings are getting a little crisper. Fall is on it's way!

-my computer is on it's last leg. The battery won't charge, and now my cord has a short in it. Sigh....

-we're beginning week 3 of school! We changed some curriculum around, and the kids and I are really loving it so far!

-we closed on our house this week! A bittersweet moment.

-we still have the 4 "new" chickens.

-they just aren't the same as our last ones.

-we're waiting on those big birds to start laying. Hopefully within the next month.

-we're talking about getting a dog. Mom keeps saying "We'll talk about it next summer."

-the kids have been bickering and fighting a little too much amongst each other.

-we're looking at a bigger vehicle for us. It's time. We need more room. (see above)

Plans for the weekend:
-our annual family reunion that we have not been to in 10 years. (Another benefit of living closer to family)
-lesson plan writing and getting prepared for school next week
-hopefully a little bit of knitting

Happy weekend friends!

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