10 months home

It's been ten months since this little girl was placed in our arms!

She had her palate repair surgery this summer. Once she had her surgery, she wasn't afraid to eat. She eats anything and everything. She loves rice, noodles, raspberries, bananas, and so much more.

She will say a few words, like "mama" and "meow, meow".
She will sign more, drink, please, and thank you.
She really will only sign upon request, and when I ask her "What do you need?".
Squealing is her thing right now.

She is a smart, little girl. She is pulling the chairs over to the counter to reach what she wants (i.e. bread, someone else's drink, etc).

She is adventurous.
She lets her dad throw her up in the air, 3 feet or more, and catch her again and again.
She just giggles and giggles.

She loves the cats. She'll chase them around, and snuggle on them. Or, pull their tails. :)

She loves being outdoors. She likes playing on her little slide, and just running around with the kids.

She loves listening to music.
She loves watching Doc McStuffins.

We can't imagine life without her. She is so loved!!!

We love you Soph!

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