truckin' along....

Over here, the projects are lining up as we prepare to sell our house.

Joe is such a trooper. There's not a house we've lived in that we have owned that hasn't needed some major overhaul done. I truly believe he loves working on houses, unless it's down to the wire like we are now.

Joe and I finished laying the majority of the hardwood floors this past weekend.

We have both the entryways to complete, and
then need to decide on whether we're leaving carpet on the stairs and the upstairs hallway or not.

This week I plan to paint, paint, and paint some more.

Of course, it wouldn't be a normal week without some minimizing and clearing out.

Oh, the stuff! It's time to let it go and seriously downsize.

More than anything, of course, I want to sit down and make more stuff.
Stitch, paint, sew, knit.

There will be time when the projects are complete, and the weather is so hot that we can't stand to be outside.

For now, it's work all day long.

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