Rylan's preschool class had a field trip to a local goat farm this week.
We were invited to go along.

It was a cooler day in April, with the wind blowing.
The wagon ride was pretty chilly.
Little sister was in the ergo on my back. Hence, why there's no pictures of her.

Joci was in heaven!!
How could she not be when there were newborn babies not even a day old,
rabbits, chickens, and cats galore.
11 cats and 3 kittens to be exact---she asked.

It was a good trip.
An encouraging trip for myself.
I came home with a desire to save, save, save for that farm we want.

I wish we would have been introduced to those farmers earlier.
They would have been a good resource for Joe and I, and a place where we could have spent some time learning their practices.

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