where i've been.....

We had a "spring break" last week.

My sister-in-law and niece drove up to see us and help out on house projects.

I packed up boxes. She carried them out to the garage. I'm not sure who had the worst job.

We pulled up old flooring*, and hauled it out to the truck.
We pulled up nails, and sheets of felt paper.

We tried to visit the park one afternoon for the kids to burn off some energy, and
ended up stranded with vehicle problems waiting for Joe's co-worker to help us out.
After the fact, it ended up being a little blessing in disguise.
Unbeknown to us, there was a fire behind the park that day.
We would have been asked to evacuate anyways.

She did my laundry, while I cooked 1500 meals.

I packed up more boxes. She hauled them out to the garage.

I pulled up more flooring. She hauled it out to the truck.
We pulled up more nails, and she pulled up more dusty, dirty paper.

We took a break out at the beach one warm afternoon after our vehicle was repaired.
Little sister loved the sand!

We stopped at the "new-ish" frozen yogurt place for a treat.
The kids weren't impressed. They didn't even eat all their yogurt if that tells you anything.

Joe made it home for the weekend.
He started laying the new flooring.
We packed up our clothes and suitcases.
We drove to KS so she could go back to teaching, and
I could drop off kiddos at grandparents while we have Sophie's surgery later this week.

*We originally planned to refinish the floors, but because the floor was not level we decided it was best to put in new so Joe could level the floors.

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