it's monday

It's Monday and time for another post.
But I've got nothing planned, nothing pre-scheduled, nothing.

I'm tired.
I've been tired the past week or two.
I need to eat better, and go to bed earlier.

The house is a mess.
A HUGE mess.
Joe's almost done with the electrical in the house. Praise the Lord!!
We have hardwood flooring stacked up in 4 different places to acclimate to room temperature so he can start installing soon.
We have kitchen backsplash on the counter waiting to be installed. Of course, all by Joe.
There's not enough time in the days left for him to complete the house before he starts his new job.
He'll be traveling back and forth to finish up ALL the projects.

We have packed boxes lined up and stacked up all over.
And, then there's all the normal everyday messes---dishes piled up, laundry stacked up, cracker/cookie crumbs all over the floor, etc.

I just finished reading A Bear Called Paddington to the three older kids.
It took a while to finish it. The chapters are longer, so I typically read half a chapter most nights.
We don't read on Wednesdays because of "church school", also known as CCD. I also didn't read on nights that they weren't ready by 7:00 pm. They had to be in pajamas and teeth brushed. I try to run a tight-ship over here. Try is the key word. :)
Our kids go to bed earlier than most families. Mainly, because they get up earlier. They are usually awake and ready to go by 6:00 am, although I have been making them stay in their beds until 6:30.
We've tried letting them stay up a little later, but even when they've stayed up later they still continue to get up at the same time. So, we just stick with an early bedtime.
With all that rambling, if you've read this far, bless your heart! I'll hopefully be back with something on Wednesday!

Happy Monday friends,

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