four months home

It has been 4 months and 3 days since little sister was placed in our arms.

She is 16 months old now.

She continues to love, love music.
She'll shake her little body, mainly her top portion, and wave her arms to the songs she likes.

We've had some regression with her food anxiety in the past couple of weeks.
We're not sure why she's regressed,
but we have recognized a couple of things that tend to trigger her anxiety.
Her screaming ( I should say hollering.) over food still continues, but it was getting better before her regression.

She's also having some problems in taking baths, which has not presented itself before now.
She absolutely does not want her head covered in water,
which is a problem when she has food all in her hair.
We know she has fluid in her ears, and
are wondering if the fluid has increased to an uncomfortable level
for her when her ears/head is getting wet.
She has surgery at the end of this month to repair her palate, and to place a set of tubes in her ears.
Hopefully, this will help with her baths.

She has a vocabulary of about three words.
Mama, baba, and every so often, she'll say hi.

She has learned the sign for "more" and "drink",
although many times she will confuse the two.
Her signs aren't perfect, but she's at least doing them.

We were finally able to take her outside to play a little this week since its been warmer out.
She loved walking back and forth on the sidewalk.
She was a little hesitant walking in the grass, but she did it.

She's bonded extremely well with the family, and that is a blessing in itself.

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