i want to remember....

Parenting is hard at times.
Parenting is rough some days.
Those good parenting days far outweigh the bad.
So, I want to remember the good in our days.

I want to remember....

-J's love of popcorn; how she asks to make it every single day

-my love for notebooks/journals for to-do lists and to-remember lists. A girl can never have enough.

-O's love of donuts. He asks "Going to get donuts?" every day for breakfast or snack.
{Momma's going to have to find a quick and easy donut recipe.}

-B's obsession with all things Minecraft--Minecraft videos, games, legos, and books.

-how hard Joe works for our family.

-how hard Rylan works in speech, and how much success he's made in so little of time. Some days he expresses that he doesn't want to go, but he always goes in and works hard for his therapist.
-the boys' love of pizza---all three of them. They would eat it everyday if I would let them.
-how much progress little sister has made, because when I'm in the midst of the days it's hard to remember all her progress.
-how the boys are obsessed with talking about peanuts/peanut butter even though they're allergic to them. I think it's a silly game they like playing together.
-that I like staying home and being home, because HOME really is the best place.
I want to remember.....that the days are long, but the years are short.

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