first flight

{China day 3.......November 9th}

Today we had to fly from Beijing to Guangzhou.
Our amazing travel guide took 12+ families through the airport, checked them in, and sent us on our way.

We had a little mishap at the airport.
We managed to get ourselves through a level 5 security check.
Joe had placed our lithium batteries in the checked baggage and
they were supposed to be in the carry-on.

What's interesting is the Chinese official came directly to us in our waiting area.
Joe was off to the store buying drinks and snacks for us.
I was scared to death to go without him, so I had the official wait for Joe to return.
Another family traveling went to go get him for me.

The official had Joe open the baggage, and then put the batteries on our checked baggage.
He was very polite.
Joe had to sign a form.
Who knows what he was signing.

Sophie did great on her first flight once we got her to sleep for her nap.
She slept almost the entire flight.

We'll be in Guangzhou for the remainder of our trip.


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