adoption day

{China day 5......November 11th}

Although we have had Sophie for three days now,
our official adoption day is not noted until today.
Chinese government gives you a 24 hour period to decide if you really want your child or not.
I'm sure it happens, but I haven't ever heard of any family deciding no at this point.

We got our picture taken for her visa.
Answered some questions for the registration and notarization.

Answering the notary's questions, once again, I confused our wedding date.
She probably thought~what in the world? Does this lady know what's going on?

The other family we were traveling with also has a daughter
from the same orphanage with a very similar name.
Apparently, some of the paperwork was switched around between our families.
Our guide was able to get it straightened out.

The notary was very staunch.
We couldn't read her, nor get a handle on how she perceived adoptions in China.

Lots of waiting today in a very warm room.

The Palumbo family, whom we've been traveling all week with, and
who has the daughter from the same orphanage.


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