in the last week

We ordered and received little sister's car seat.

5 of us had eye appointments this week. That was one long afternoon.

I blogged a total of two times, including this post.

I've stayed up way too late several nights trying to get stuff done on that never-ending to do list.

I've apologized to the kids more times than I can count this week.

I requested 4 books from the library this week. Why you ask? I don't know; I'm guessing I think I'll have lots of time to read in the car, plane, and train this month.

We've frozen our bums off in the early mornings and late evenings because we took out the old heater system in the first floor. Our replacement heater will be installed soon. (We still have heat in the upper level so if we get too cold, we just stay upstairs.)

I made an Elsa costume and 2 spooky ghost costumes at the very-last-minute.

My sewing machine decided to give me fits and say it was done at the very-last-minute.

Happy Halloween friends!!

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