Around Here

*Pictures from our time we spent in Kansas last week:

Around here I've been noticing that I'm getting fewer and fewer pictures of Joci and Byron. They are just always on the go constantly moving around.

Around here it's hot in our main living area. It's way past time to start thinking about putting central air and heat downstairs.

Around here Rylan and Owen seem to be fighting more now than they did during the school year.

Around here the house is a mess.

Around here we somehow ended up with another rescue kitten. #thisistheabsolutelastone

Around here I'm in a little funk. I'm blaming part of it on the lack of central air.

Around here I need to get rid of more junk.  #lessismore

Around here I added wheat back into my eating habits. Clearly, my psoriasis is inflamed more by wheat. I'm miserable. #ishouldhaveknown

Around here I love wheat products, but I will be taking them out of my eating habits again.

Around here I'm loving hashtags. Can you tell?

Happy Friday friends!!!

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