Around Here

Around here the kids have been staying up later than normal.

Around here Mom's project list is crazy long.

Around here school is out.

Around here the stack of papers and supplies from the last two days of school is about 2 feet high.

Around here Joci received the principal's award {the medal on her neck}. This award is given to one boy and one girl out of each grade level chosen by the principal. The recognition is based on outstanding leadership, citizenship, trustworthiness, role model, honesty, kindness, etc. 

Around here we couldn't be more proud of Joci for receiving this award the first year for attending the school.

Around here we're proud of Bryon always picking up a chapter book and reading even when he's not told to read. He actually enjoys it. His favorite books right now are comic-like books, such as Explorer: The Mystery Boxes.

 Around here life is good!!

How is it at your place?

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  1. Congrats Joci!!!! That is Awesome!!! (Tonya & Joe that right there proves that your parenting skills is amazing ! So proud of you all! )
    Mandy :)


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