Easter Photos

I'm not sure how those mommas get all their kids in one photo looking and smiling at the camera. Three of mine aren't even in their Easter clothes for goodness sakes.
It's taken me awhile (like 8 years) to get used to the idea that I may never have perfect holiday photos, or even get that perfect holiday shot that I envision.
This year I got one picture of two of the kids hunting eggs,
but it's fine, and I'm okay with it. 
I don't want my kids seeing perfect pictures of a perfect family because we are far from it.
We are just us.
A family that loves and fights.
A family that laughs and cries.
A family that doesn't care if they have on a pretty Easter outfit.
A family that yells or cries when things don't go our way.
A family that praises each other when things do go our way.
A family that shares their candy.
A family that eats all their candy and won't share.
A family that loves Jesus.
A family that questions Jesus.
We are just a family that is far from perfect trying to live as Christ would want us to.

*Enjoy some of our pictures from Easter Sunday.

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