April Goals

Let's look back at my March goals, and see how I did.

*blog 3x's a week Done! I think it helped that when I sat down to make my weekly menu, I also made plans on what I was going to post on during the week. Apparently, having a list or schedule for blog posts keeps me accountable.

*start painting the entryway Done! I did start painting the entryway.  However, I didn't like the paint I picked out for our entryway.  I'm going to use that paint instead for our master bedroom, and choose some other color for the entryway. I'm leaning towards white.

*wake up earlier for myself  This didn't happen once. I know why, but I failed to even attempt it. For me to wake up earlier, I definitely have to go to bed earlier. Maybe next month.

*take more photos Done! I didn't think I had accomplished this goal, but after looking back through the photos I barely squeaked by. In February, I took 79 pictures. In March, I took 89.

*finish reading two books Done! I read two books during the month of March. You can read more about that here.

*complete 4 unfinished projects Well, I didn't finish one project that needed completed. I did manage to start a new knitting project though. I'll never learn.

*continue working on the craft room I think the room is as clean as it's gonna get during this time. So, I'm calling it good.



*read 4 books. I have really enjoyed picking up a book again. I love reading, but often don't make the time for it. I have been finding bits of time here and there throughout my day.

*complete 5 unfinished projects. I have lots of projects that need finished up, so I'm putting this back on the list. Some unfinished projects require very little work, like tying in ends for a knitted dishcloth. Other projects are more extensive, like finishing a quilt that's only a 1/4 of the way started.

*wake up earlier for myself. I really want to accomplish this for two reasons. One, to get my exercising done before the kids wake up, and two, to have a little bit of quiet time to do some devotionals without someone interrupting me or hanging on me.

*start our family scrapbook for 2014. This is doable. I have some pictures printed, and all the materials needed. I just need to sit down and make this a priority.

*add 15 new items to the etsy shop. I have several projects cut out. Once again, I just need to sit down and find the time to sew them up, take pictures, and get them listed. I have an overall goal of having a 100 items in the shop by the end of June. I need to get moving.

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