Tonya's Bargains 4

This is a couple of thrifting trips and a garage sale trip combined into one post.
Garage Sale Finds:

Fish basket and cabin sign $.25 each.

Brand new lampshade $1.00.
You can never have too many lampshades around, especially when you pick up as many lamps as I do. I have 2 laying around that need some work on.

Notepads $.05 each.
I think there were 12 total; a couple are missing from the picture.

Chair $.50

Headboard was free.

Thrifting visit #1:

Globe $3.00

Creative Memories Album $2.00.
Retails for $32.00. It is missing the spine covering, but that's nothing.

Vintage working typewriter $.50!!!!
Selling on etsy for $80.00 or more. This thrift store apparently did not know what they had!

Thrifting Visit #2:

2 Extra Large Pictures $1.00 each
The pictures are trash but the frames are great--nothing that a can of spray paint won't fix.

Sewing Machine $10.00
Looks brand new, works, and came in the original box, which had a price on it for $249.88!!

Stack of fabric $.50

Lamp $1.00
Using the shade above and put it on Byron's dresser.

Label Maker $1.50

House Numbers $.50 each

Full bottle of Mod Podge $1.00 (retails for $4.67)

Pretty little doodad $1.00

Piano $29.00 and some change (just needs a good cleaning and tuning)
That's a whole post in itself, maybe next week!! Don't ask what's on the floor; I really don't know other than it's Byron's mess. The piano's out in the garage in this picture.

This is what the kids do while I'm taking pictures of all my great finds!!!

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