Tender Kisses & Salty Popcorn

So, it has been ummmm a long time since I last posted.  81 days to be exact. Yikes!!  How do you write a post since it's been that long ago?  I'm just going to jump in here, and share some more gifts.

#18: his tender kisses
#19:  Owen's wispy brown hair

 #20:  a job opening at the most perfect time
#21:  rubbing of Byron's hair while he's going to sleep
#22:  a "lucky" mishap without any injuries
#23:  a little boy who loves to play with "whegos"
#24:  him taking the dog out every single evening
#25:  my momma who can come whenever needed
#26:  a sister who does all the work when my momma comes
#27:  Joci singing in the shower

 #28:  little kitten who keeps us on our toes
#29:  salty, buttery popcorn
#30:  Rylan's love of super heroes
#31:  Ohio barns
#32:  my sister who says all the right things & makes me laugh when I need it the most
#33:  thrift stores
#34:  my favorite-ist cousin {Mandy} who texts to see how I'm doing on a weekly basis
#35:  little boy giggles

Have a blessed Wednesday friends!!

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