Celebrating Owen

Dear Owen,

We celebrated your 1st birthday this month.

Here's a little bit about you right now.

You crawl all over the place.

You will cruise along the furniture,
but are not walking on your own yet.

You love playing with your brothers.

You gravitate towards Joci,
sometimes even when you need comforting.

We call her your "little mother".

You say "Dada" quite frequently.

You have said "Mama" once or twice,
but I think it was a fluke.

You are our only boy with brown eyes.

You have the biggest smile I've ever seen,
especially when you see your Daddy.

You have 4 teeth; 2 on top and 2 on bottom.

You love to eat macaroni and cheese.

You squeal and laugh and giggle everyday.

You weigh 17 lbs. and are 29 1/2 inches long.

You are petite,
but quite tall.

You are a climber, and
will try to climb on anything.

You love to point with your index finger.

You are our little, baby boy, and
we love you to pieces!!!

Happy Birthday Owie!!

Mom & Dad

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