Celebrating Seven

Dear Joci,

Two months ago you turned 7 years old.

Here's a little bit about you right now.
You love strawberries.
You love the color pink.  Actually, you love all things pink!!
You love your brothers.
You love your Dad.
You love Mom, your Grandma's & Grandpa's,  aunts, uncles, & cousins.
You love reading.  You've been reading chapter books for several months now.

You really want a sister.
You help Mom with Owen an extra bunch.
You love to draw and create pictures.
You love to drink water.  You always ask for water to drink and nothing else.
While you're at home, Byron is your best friend.  At school, Kyler is your best friend.

You still love going to ballet and tap lessons.
You love, love, love Cheez-Its!!
You weigh 43.2 lbs. and are 45 1/2" tall.
You love wearing dresses and leggings!! You've worn jeans only once this year.
You love watching the Sprout channel.
You'll always be our "little girl", but you sure are growing up fast.

Happy Birthday Joci!!
We love you so very much!!

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