Halloween 2011

Do you know of many bloggers that post their Halloween pics in December?  
Well, I don't either!!
It's been busy here with 4 littles so don't judge. 

We walked a couple of streets in our neighborhood.  
Joe and I have never seen so many kids out trick-or-treating in one area.  
We walked up to one house, and the two olders got something for their bucket. 
Rylan did not.  
The little old lady had run out of candy.  
She told us, "I'm sorry. I thought I'd have enough, but I guess not.  I bought a 200 piece bag."  
This gives you just a little idea of how busy it was, and we were at this house only 45 minutes into the evening.
Our town specified a 2 hour slot for trick-or-treating.


 Our costumes were from the dress-up bin.
Maybe next year I can make their costumes. 
I'm not holding my breath though.
It seems something always comes up.

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