Little Bits of Life 27

I should be doing laundry, but instead I'm blogging, nursing, and holding my baby! At least you know where my priorities stand.

1. Speaking of babies, I still need to post Owen's birth pictures.

2. My other baby, Rylan, fell about 4 1/2 feet off the playground set at the park this weekend. Ouch!! He seems to be doing okay, but is whining a little when we pick him up from underneath his arm. We've called the doctor; they can't get us in until Wednesday (they're closed on Tuesday's), but we have some things to look for to determine if his arm/shoulder area is getting worse.***We're going to be switching doctors for the kids. Take them to an actual pediatrician or a family doctor that deals with children more often.***

3. Owen got his first set of shots today. That's another excuse of why I'm not doing laundry, I want to be near him in case he has a serious reaction. Not that any of my kids have had a serious reaction, but you never know. And, his leggers hurt, so he's wanting held most of the day.

4. Joe is stressed, and has this overwhelming fear that he is going to get fired from his job. There was a safety accident a week or two ago. Now, the big bosses (the customer) want everyone from that incident gone. Well, Joe told them "No." He's already short 4 techs according to the tech:turbine ratio. My brother says "Joe worries too much, and that's one of the things that makes him a good boss." (Of course, my brother could be a little biased.)

5. I think Joe gets irritated at me because I don't even get the slightest bit worried when he mentions that he thinks he's on their list. I just take one-day-at-a-time; the Lord will provide. We're almost debt-free (just our student loans left). Although I do have to say, that if he's going to get canned, I hope it happens after next year. I don't want to have to move Joci during the middle of a school year, and we probably won't at this point in time.

6. We are loving Joci's new school!!! Whenever we're out, all the kids, young and old, come up to her and say hi, some stay and chat a while. We are amazed that even 3rd, 4th graders also do this. We're looking forward to not having to deal with cliquey groups!!

7. My sewing machine got cracked in the move. :0( It's working good so far!! :0)

8. I have some Halloween bags and banners that I need to get sewn up, this week, to list in the shop.

9. The dog is now 50 lbs. While letting Tillers back inside for the evening, she snuck by Joe last night, and ended up on the couch with Owen, checking him out I guess.

10. Did I mention that I think Byron changes his clothes twice as many times a day as Joci does. Speaking of clothes, the dryer is done; time to get off the couch.

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