My List

We all have things we want to do before we die,
most call it a Bucket List.

Mine is just a list, a to-do list.

I like to make lists and cross things off,
and I like to add new things to my list.

Here's my list: Some things simple,
and some things not so simple.

Become Debt-Free, including a mortgage payment
Take my little princess and princes to see Cinderella's castle
Have a family of my own
Watch my daughter and sons get married
Travel Germany
Own a house/cabin/cottage on a lake, river, or some sort of water-way
Travel to Hawaii
Open my own shop, and be successful at it
Take a girls trip somewhere
Own a passport
Grow a garden (vegetable or flower--without killing it)
Build a rain barrel system
Be successful with starting a compost pile
Have my children know Jesus
Stop biting my nails
Build a chicken coop, and raise chickens
Live in a home that I love
Attend a blog conference, preferably Blissdom or Revelant
Go in a hot air balloon
Quilt my own quilt top
Run a 5K
Learn to use my camera properly
Become proficient using power tools
Complete my WIP (work-in-progress) projects by the end of 2011
Organize all our digital photos onto cd's/thumbdrives
Get caught up on my kids' scrapbooks without losing my mind and stay caught up
Romantic get away with my husband
Write handwritten letters to friends and family
Help Joe build a playhouse/swing set/sandbox contraption for the kids
Paint my sewing/scrapbooking desk
Learn to golf, or maybe I'll just become an expert at driving the golf cart
Visit the Northeastern States
Take my children on vacations regularly
Keep my freezer stocked with a supply of to-go-to meals
Make Joci a hair clip holder
Make some curtains for the playroom/studio
Train my dog a little better
Breed my dog
Grow my own pumpkin patch :0)
Make date nights with my hubby a regular event

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