Moving is for the Birds!!

10 things I learned about moving (this time around).....

1. Joe and I are getting too "old" to move ourselves.
Next time, someone will move us.
I didn't want to spend the extra money (if it was required) this time,
but now I wish we would have taken that route.

2. You can never purge enough.
I was getting rid of tons of stuff, tons, but it still wasn't enough.
In the end, we still had to get rid of tons of stuff--
stuff that I would have preferred not to leave behind
(like our bike trailer, trusty ol' wheelbarrow, and the birdbath for instance).

3. I am still purging items.
We just took a truckload to Goodwill last weekend,
and we will have another truckload to take this week.
I wish I would have purged more before we packed the truck.

bags to take to Goodwill

4. Moving while 7 months pregnant with 3 kids under the age of 6
is hectic and extremely tiring, extremely.

5. Trying to maintain a semi-clean and organized house,
while unpacking is a nightmare.

6. I thought I wouldn't miss my house, but I have missed it so much this week.
I miss the extra space, the laundry/crafting room,
the extra bedrooms, and the wood floors.
(I know, gasp, I thought I would never say that.
But the wood floors are what I miss the most right now.)

7. Joe has been incredible!!!!
He has put up new shelving to store ALL most of my fabric.
He hung new curtain rods in most of the rooms.
He has eaten out more times than we planned on
because I am just too tired to cook dinner after unpacking even a few boxes.
And, he still has a long road ahead of hanging several pictures,
helping unpack more boxes, and living with a cluttered house for awhile.

pictures to be hung

8. Life goes on around you....
Joe had to go back to work the week after we arrived
only giving us a few days to adjust and unpack some,
the company planned a baseball game outing to the local minor league team,
schools have been visited to decide the best option for next year,
another company trip for Joe this past weekend for a team-building event,
company meetings and a short trip to Chicago in the next coming week, and
the laundry still needs done everyday,
the dishes need washed, the yard needs mowed, the kids need fed.
All while there's still a ton of boxes in the garage to unpack.

boxes in the garage

9. Good neighbors can make a world of difference in your neighborhood.
Sad to say, but we have learned that very quickly.
I miss our old neighbors.

10. We had a storage full of boxes for 4 months that we rarely used or got into. Thinking back, most of that stuff could have been purged
to save room in the truck for other items. I can't say this enough,

We're taking it one day at a time, and one box at time.
In a short time, this move will just be a memory, and we'll settle into our new life.

***P.S. I hope to be back blogging regularly soon. Soon meaning in a couple of weeks, around June 20th.****

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