Tonya's Bargains 10

It's been awhile since I've posted my bargains. These are from an accumulation over several weeks of thrifting and a couple of yard sales.

Road Atlas $0.25 {using for some projects}

Old Account Ledger {using for taxes, business-related stuff}
and a Dear America book
{I've got a couple of others that I have been saving up for Joci.} $2.00

A couple of purses for Joci $.75

Soda Water crate $1.00 {Can't decide if I want to paint it or leave it as is. What are your thoughts?}

Tommy Hilfiger makeup case $3.00!!
Was new in the original box--Retails for $22.00

Radio Flyer Horse $4.00

Prom Dress $1.00 {going to cut up and make into clutches}

Americana box $2.00 {looks perfect as is, but I'm going to paint to use in my studio or the kids' playroom}

Lot of Vintage Lace & Trim $2.75

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