Little Bits of Life 24

1. I stayed up way too late last night (9:20 pm--that's late for a pregnant lady) looking at all the area attractions in our new state. I didn't realize there are several caves and lighthouses in the area!!

2. Joci is excited about her birthday party this weekend.

3. The boys are on medications and a nebulizer. Rylan has a sinus infection, and Byron has an ear infection with some severe allergy issues. Byron finally did the nebulizer for the 1st time yesterday since Tuesday.

4. The Easter baskets are all complete except for the grass or shredded paper.

5. Listed my chalkboard on Craigslist and I sold it one day!!!

6. I need warmer weather to get the other 5 painted and sold before we move.

7. Overslept 27 minutes yesterday morning and somehow managed to get Joci to school on time. I think it's because I convinced her to eat at school for lunch. They were having french toast sticks and sausage.

8. We were under a blizzard warning last night. Are you kidding me? A blizzard warning in the middle of April? Well, I guess the forecasters were right. School was cancelled for today.

9. Here's a picture Joe snapped of our rental house in Ohio--it's 3 bedrooms with an extra family room and sunroom.

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