Highs and Lows

My highs and lows for the week:


***Joe leaving for another 6+ weeks

***gaining 7+ lbs. this week
guess I need to get away from the soda and chocolate

***not being able to watch "Amazing Race", one of the only 2 shows I watch a week, because of the Country Music Awards :(

***getting a low offer on the house

***having a little girl with a fever and nasty cough for 2 days

***finding out the "new" rental house won't be ready until May 1st


***getting the Eureka Environ Steamer this week;
makes cleaning the floors so much faster now

***seeing "little peanut's" heartbeat, and
hearing Dr. Bianco say he/she "has a perfect little heart"

***getting an offer on the house with an almost perfect closing date

***Joe finding us a decent rental house
for a decent price near the wind farm site

***executing a purchase agreement on the house!!!!

***finding a Radio Flyer ride-on horse for the little guy

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