Byron's Birthday Parties

Byron had 2 birthday parties this year. TWO parties!!! This is the first year that the kids will have a "friends" party. We typically just have parties at home with the family. I believe it is too much work, stress, and money to have a "friends" party every year. Too much for this momma right now!

One small one with us at home on the night of his birthday. He got a marked-down cake and a couple of presents that night. These are the pictures from his birthday night.

Byron's 2nd birthday party included his friends. We had the Batman party at home. There were two games. The first game was to get the villians. I printed out pictures of the "bad guys" from Batman, taped them on the front window, and let the kids spray them with a can of silly string.

The second game was a marshmallow toss game. I used three containers, placed various small prizes in them, and the kids threw marshmallows in the containers. When their marshmallow made it in the container, they chose a prize. (Sorry no pictures)

Presents were opened, and cake and ice cream was had by all.

Each guest was presented a treat bag to take home. Inside was, of course, a can of silly string, a batman or tweety bird (for girls) washcloth, a bag of superhero snacks (goldfish crackers, a package of pop rocks, a package of gummies), and a small container of bubbles.

front of the bag

back of the bag

A couple of days after his party, from the backseat of the van, I hear Byron say "That was the best party ever." That makes it all worth it!!

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