Little Bits of Life 20

1. I had another really good week at thrifting. I can't believe some of the bargains I purchased. You'll have to wait to see until this weekend or next week.

2. I'm a little torn about which direction I would like to take my shop in. I love to hunt for vintage finds!!!! Absolutely love it!! I also have some items stacked up to decorate/redecorate for home decor. But, I also love to sew!!! So, the craft show that I have signed up for towards the end of the year is possibly going to be my guinea pig. The only thing is that I am not going to be able to resell some of the vintage goods because it is a handmade show only. I am going to try to sneak in a few redecorated items though.

3. I'm wishing that I would have combined the business blog and the family blog. I'm having a difficult time posting on that business blog of mine. Maybe a new post this weekend, and those posts are not duplicates from this blog so you'll have to follow both of them if you want to see what is going on.

4. I did sell another item out of the shop!! Woohoo!!! I think that is 3 sales now! I need to get it stocked, so I can see the sales start flying out the door!!

5. Since Joe and I are trying for another baby, I've been trying to get my butt into shape. We decided that I have to exercise, and exercise for as long as possible, to keep my blood pressure down while pregnant. I started the couch potato to 5k program. I'm getting ready to finish up week number 2.

6. Joci is still sleep walking. It seems to only happen when she is really tired. She has been going to be at 7:30 pm and sleeping until 7:20 am, which makes us rush around in the mornings. Since her tonsils have not decreased in size, and she is not sleeping well most nights, we have an appointment to go back to the ear, nose, throat specialist on Monday. She is getting up at least once a night 4-5 times a week.

7. The little kitty is lucky he is still alive. Byron likes to hold on to him and put him in places where he won't run away. One night I was in the family room and heard a meow. Looked around to see where Patches was at, but did not see him. I found him in a closed tool box. I'm guessing Byron decided he was going to keep him locked up so he wouldn't run away. I think he was in the box for about 3 hours or so. I had a little talk with Byron, but not sure he understands what will happen to the little kitty if he stays locked up.

8. It's time for me to say good night as I can hear Joci moving around upstatirs.

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