Little Bits of Life 17

It may seem like a lot of nothing's going on, but it's something in our lives.

1. Joe's job is still very, very stressful. Let's just say, so stressful that if another accident occurs in the shop in the near future, he will possibly be looking for another job while on unemployment (mind you, none of the previous accidents that have occurred this year has he been involved in in anyway--they just happened to occur in his shop). Yes, folks, it is that stressful!!! I get to see his stress, worry, fear, anxiety, and everything else on a daily basis. I can only imagine what it must be like going to work everyday.

2. We are working on the house again. Yes, to put it on the market, to restrict the "ties" so to speak.

3. I mentioned my very, very part-time job before but never really elaborated. I am the daycare lady at the recreation center 2 nights a week. I get to take the kiddos with me, get a free family membership to the rec center, and a small hourly wage. The kids love going there to play, and it is working out okay for now.

I have no idea where big sister was at---she was probably running from one area to the next.

4. For those of you wondering when we'll be back to KS next.
Here's the scoop: we will be coming for the whole week of Thanksgiving.
J will miss one day of school for that trip.
We're hoping to baptize R that week, but unsure if that is going to happen then.
Our next expected trip to KS will possibly be in March sometime during spring break. It may just be the kids, dog, and I on that trip.
Since big sister is in school now, all our trips will revolve around what days she gets off.

5. Since we have disconnected our home phone, I/we hardly call anyone. So, don't be feeling left out. I've been doing most of my communicating by email (right Mandy & Melissa???); it's easier, faster, & I can stay up late at night sending out emails.

6. We have been loving this fall-type weather at our house, and have already put some pumpkins outside. Most of our Halloween decorations are up; we may put up a few others downstairs.

7. I had my very 1st sale at the new shop last month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've been sewing up a storm at night to stock the store.

8. I have to go play a game with a little boy. Watch for more next week.

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