Ready for Fall

I am definitely ready for Fall!!! You could say I have been ready the first day the temps reached over 85 degrees. I'm not a summer girl, as Joe can attest. I hate the heat, the sweat, the red cheeks and the grouchiness (from me) that goes with summer.

However, Fall is a different story!! I love everything about Fall!!! I love the changing leaves on the trees, which I dearly miss, Nebraska trees just don't even begin to compete with Kansas trees. I love the smell of pumpkin candles, pumpkin patches, mums flowering, just the crisp fall days. Speaking of pumpkin patches, our little patch with the honor paying system looks like they will be back in business again this year!!

With fall, comes one of my favorite holidays---Halloween!!! I'm ready to get out my decorations and start putting them around the house. I'm ready to start making the kids' costumes. Just recently, I purchased some material to make them some new Halloween bags, instead of them using the orange pumpkin buckets. We just bought our first bag of candy corn yesterday.

I think I'll go buy myself one of these this weekend also!!

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  1. ARE YOU SURE WERE NOT SISTERS??!!!Everything you said about Fall im with ya. I LOVE FALL!!!


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