Little Bits of Life 16

There's not a whole lot going on at the house for the moment, other than our ginormous to-do lists!!!

1. Miss Joci starts Kindergarten in 4 days!!! She is excited, me not so much.

2. Byron starts Preschool in 6 days!! He is also excited. I have a feeling he is going to be so disappointed when Joci goes to school on Tuesday and he is not.

3. Patches is finally growing some hair back on those nasty ringworms he had.

4. Amazingly, Pete never contacted a one (knock-on wood).

5. I am still not done sewing Joci's back-to-school dress. I was half-way there, but I decided to rip out some seams to make them look a little bit more professional!!

6. My new logo for my etsy shop is currently being worked on. Want a sneak peek of my business card?? I covered up my name and phone number.

7. Don't you love my new name I came up with? Well, I do!!! I can keep that name no matter what I choose to make. My blog is not up and running yet, so don't bother checking.

8. I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks I will be able to get some things listed. I expect to have more time to take pictures of the items I already have made, and more time to sew items while the kiddos are in school. Of course I will keep you posted.

9. I have found this online sewing class. I would really like to take it, but I'm not sure that I want to spend the $$ to take it. I mean I do already know how to sew. Although learning to hem my own jeans in my home would be a bonus, and learning how to make an ironing board cover (mine is groody), and making some removable pillowcases with piping would be nice (since I just bought 4 pillows for cheap, cheap, cheap---cheaper than I could have bought stuffing to stuff four pillows), and learning how to make a leather & canvas purse would be cool!!

10. I guess I did have more going on here than I originally thought!! Happy Friday to ya'!!!!!

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