The Big School

Joci's 1st day at "the big school" as she calls it. Her first day of Kindergarten was only a half day. She was excited to go, but when she got to school she was a little apprehensive. I'm guessing because there were so many children. 45 kids in the two Kindergarten classes this year! Wow!!!

Byron had to pose with her. I made this dress for her--she should be able to wear it all year long, unless she has a huge growth spurt.

Joci is back at school today until 2:00 pm, and then she is off for the rest of the week. We will find out on Friday afternoon who her teacher is for the year.

She was telling me that she is chilly. It was only 70 degrees that morning.

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  1. great pictures! She sure has grown up fast.


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