Little Bits of Life 13

1. Joe made a visit to the Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist this week. He does not have to get tubes in his ears!! Yea!!! He was prescribed a steroid medication again, and told to continue this along with popping his ears until his ear cleared up. Joe also found out that using the medication along with Claritin, which is what he was doing, will not work and take a very long time to clear the infection.

2. We've been busy this week with gymnastics and swimming lessons. Next week is our last week of swimming lessons!!! I cannot wait; it's been too much running around for this momma.

3. We had to take the new kitty, Patches, back to the vet. He has a upper respiratory virus which should be knocked out after he gets his vaccines. He is also a s-k-a-n-k!! He has some ringworms on him. Yuck, yuck, yuck!! I guess that goes with the territory of stray kitties.

4. Joe will be working nights this coming week to cover one of his guys while his wife has another baby.

5. Joci starts school in less than 4 weeks. Wow, how time flies!!

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