Little Bits of Life 11

1. Yes, I know I'm just a tad early for this post, which is typically on a Friday. However, I can't find my camera cord to download pictures. Where could it be? I thought I took it on vacation, but I can't find it in my suitcase or bags.

2. We rescued a little, itty, bitty kitten off of Jeffers this weekend. Jeffers is a very busy street in our town. Let's just say that if we didn't rescue him, he would have been a goner. He's a little very much flea-infested. Joe gave him a bath, and now, the little guy stays in the kennel outside in the garage until we can get him into the vet.

3. The kids had a blast with the fireworks. I would have to say that Byron enjoyed it the most.

4. I finally had my garage sale this weekend. We made $401.67!!! The highest selling item was $8.00, and then the rest were $5.00 and under. We still have a bunch of stuff left, which I'm packing up to donate to the Rape and Dosmetic Abuse Shelter, a family getting ready to have a baby boy, some to my sister, and the rest to a local thrift store.

5. The kids start swimming lessons this week. We have an hour break in-between Byron's lesson, and Joci's lesson. I'm not really sure what we'll do during that break.

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