Little Bits of Life 9

1. We have been busy with summer and planning vacations. Hence, the lack of posting.

2. I have been able to sew a little a couple of nights a week after the kids go to bed. Not as much as I like, but some. I'm excited about a new item I am currently making with a zipper!! I've never sewn a zipper in anything before until now. It wasn't too difficult.

3. Rylan is still not sleeping through the night, and has actually been quite a bear this past week. He has new teeth coming in. I don't stay up too late, because then I'm a bear in the mornings.

4. I have started a new etsy store with a different name than my previous one (Pigtails 'N Snails). I didn't love Pigtails 'N Snails, but it worked for the time being. I have come up with a name that I love (for now anyways) that will work if and when I decide to transition to sewing different items other than children's items. I'll reveal later this summer!!!

5. With #3 being said, I want to promote my shop on a blog also. Look for changes to the blog soon (maybe)!!

6. The kids and I went thrifting this week and some garage saling today (look for posts next week). I took them to the park early this afternoon to let them play.

7. I haven't completely unpacked from our last trip. How long ago was that? 3 weeks? Now, I need to start packing up for our next trip beginning next weekend.

8. We have made a summer-to-do list that I'll post soon.

9. Joe has still been working lots and lots of overtime. This week has been awful; we haven't seen him much at all. He is gone by 5:30 am every morning and he hasn't been returning home until 8 or 9 at night. The kids have gone to bed several evenings without even seeing him return home. I did let them stay up late one night because they continued to ask about him and they told me "I'm not going to bed until Daddy gets here."

10. Joe had to return to the doctor for his ear infection (and not hearing). His ear was not cleared up. More medication was prescribed and an appointment made with the allergist in September--that's the earliest they could get him in. If his ear doesn't dry up, then the doctor said a tube in his ear is the next step that would be taken.

Happy Weekend!!

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