Little Bits of Life 7

1. As you notice, I missed a post yesterday. It was a super-hetic, crazy day. I had this whole image that I would somehow be able to post 5 days a week, Monday - Friday. I'm not sure my "plan" is doable.

2. Joci visited the specialist this week. Thankfully, no surgery for now!!! Her tonsils are still swollen. The specialist classifies by numbers--a 4 means the tonsils are touching and would require surgery. Joci's are a 3, which is not the best. Since she has been so sick the past couple of months, he said that they could still be swollen from her illnesses and will hopefully go back to normal size. He wants us to wait and see how they look later on and how she is doing with her snoring (which has decreased significantly in the past month). He even said that we can wait clear up until December!

3. Joe went back to the doctor for his ear again. He still cannot hear (which is so irritating). I feel for those who truly do have a hearing problem. He was given a mega-load of medication. Hoping this solves the problem soon.

4. I have been trying to finish up some sewing projects. I have several completed items that need photographed, so I can put them in my etsy shop.

5. Rylan's now wearing cloth diapers. I wish I would have ordered them a lot sooner than I did--I love 'em!!! If I would have known that they had these available when Joci was born, I would have been using them with her. Cloth diapers have come a long way from when my mom used them. I still do use some prefolds (like mom used), but I just fold them up, put them in a waterproof cover and go. Much easier than Mom had to do!!!

6. The kids got their hair cut yesterday. Byron now looks like a little man again!!

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