End of Year Gymnastics Performance

The kids had their end of year gymnastics performance this month. Joe was still in New York so didn't get to see it. Byron started gymnastics up again at the beginning of May. He did extremely well for only practicing 2 weeks before the performance. Both the kids are going to continue gymnastics throughout the summer---they both wanted to.

Byron getting ready to do his cartwheel.

Joci doing her straddle roll.

Rylan's head. He was super for me--sat on his blanket most of the time.

Joci on the beam.

Watching the big girls on the beam.

Byron walking backwards on the beam.

Losing his balance.

Joci walking backwards on the beam.

Joci losing her balance.

Joci walking frontwards on the beam.

Joci marching on the beam.

Byron hopping on the beam.

Byron hopping on a different beam.

Getting ready to roll over the bar.

Byron getting his trophy!

Joci getting her trophy!

Trophy picture!!!

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