New Best Friend

Meet our new best friend--well, most of the time, she's our new best friend.

Her name is Tilly.
She is a nipper, or likes to be, but we're trying to stop that.

The kids like her most of the time---except for when she's nipping.

Rylan likes to watch her run around the floor eating up his cheerios.

Joe claims he doesn't like her too much, but he does. He'll play with her, and try to train her. Not sure that she's too trainable.

She thinks I'm her master (and, I guess I am, she's my dog); whenever she's out of the kennel, she follows me around the house.

Tilly is like a cat. She chases the broom when I'm sweeping, she chases toys that roll around on the floor, she chases & barks at her shadow at night. She sleeps in her kennel all night---most of the nights, without using the potty!!!

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