Joci's Annual Checkup

We had Joci's annual checkup last week. The first 3 pictures are what it looks like towards the beginning of the doctor's visit.

And, here is where it all begins! The kids start getting impatient, which I can't blame them; we were in there for over two hours that day.

Wanting out of the seat. Has had enough snacks, and not tolerant anymore. What you don't see is......the scene where I'm such a good bad momma. I had Rylan sitting in the chair in his car seat buckled up. The chairs are a little awkward, not really meant for a car seat. Well, I turned my back on him to help Joci, and his car seat with him buckled in it fell off the chair!! He didn't get hurt, just a little scared. Oh well, you live and you learn!

"No, don't take my picture momma."

The big girl after her four five shots. She was raising her legs off the bed, tightening her muscles up, and screaming---So the nurses had to pull out the needle and give her the shot again. By that time, Byron was whining too, because he wanted held and was ready to go; Rylan was whining and ready to eat. So, all 3 kids are crying by the end of the visit. Let's just say, that I don't want to do that anytime in the near future---BUT, wait, I had Rylan's visit already scheduled with all 3 kids by myself for the next month. And, no, I didn't reschedule it; I just wanted to get out of there as fast as the kids did!!

Joci weighed 33 lbs. and was 41.5" tall. She has to take a sleep oximetry test because of her snoring, and breathing issues at night. Her tonsils are extremely swollen, so much that the doctor cannot see her adenoids. Other than that, she's great!!!

**She took the test this weekend, but the results look good. Now, we're just waiting to see if those tonsils go down any.

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  1. I wish i was there to help you!
    But you made it through just like you always do. Your a great momma!


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