Little Bits of Life 3

Little bits of randomness from our life:

1. Why aren't there any desktops without 15 trillion wires? Or, maybe there is a desktop without that many wires, but I don't have it. Can you tell my computer is giving me fits this evening?

2. Mr. Rylan has 2 teeth now. He still does not eat baby food, but loves yogurt, spaghetti, chili, hamburger meat, and his newest--Cheerios!! He still does not sleep through the night---I'm not expecting that to happen for another 7,8, or 9 months.

3. Joci is turning 5 next month!! She can count to 49 without any help; can recognize all the letters of the alphabet, and numbers 1-20.

4. Byron was potty-trained before he got sick recently. Now, he doesn't "like to use the potty"---his words.

5. Joe has started his new job (promotion), and has only had one day off in the past 2 weeks. I have talked to him on the phone today more than I have in the past week--how sad. Hoping it will be better in a couple of months.

6. We still need to order our newborn pictures of Rylan. Maybe we'll get that done before he is 1!!

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