Gymnastics Meet

Joci at her 1st gymnastics meet in February. The pictures are awful, just imagine their clear!!! Joci had to perform a straddle roll down the pass, and back up the pass.

Basically, a straddle roll is a variation of the forward roll. It requires the gymnast to begin in a straddle, standing with the arms up. Perform the Forward Roll, but rather than tucking the legs, keep them straddled (legs apart). As the feet return to the floor in the second half of the roll, the use of hands on the floor is accepted to bring the body back to a stand. Hands must be placed in front of the body, between the legs, and then raised overhead to complete the skill.

She placed 2nd out of 5 team members in her age group. Pretty good for her 1st meet!! She may have 2 more meets that she can compete in this year.

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