Doctor Visit #4

Rylan had his follow-up visit yesterday. His RSV has settled, and is now in his chest (bronchitis). He has been running one fever a day--pretty low grade. The doctor put him on antibiotics and a steroid to shrink his lung capacity (?). He gets to take a couple of baths a day in Johnson's Vapor Bath, and gets to sit in the bathroom with mom while Byron takes a bath or while we run the hot water. He also gets no milk for 24 hours or more, which means I get to pump (oh yea) and he gets to drink water, pedialyte, or gatorade (doctor's instructions-no kidding). We'll have another follow-up visit on Tuesday before we head out of town.

Now I have to go change a poopy diaper!!! First one in 3 days---I'm so looking forward to that!


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