Doctor Visit #3

Back to the doctor we went today--for Rylan this time. He has a nasty, moist cough, and I was a little concerned that it was pneumonia or RSV. Turns out, he does have himself some RSV. Not sure how, as mentioned in previous post that Byron's RSV test was negative. Maybe Joci has it.

No antibiotics---just have to wait this one out, which is going to take forever (as explained by the doctor that it will last longer than a normal cold/illness). No going out in the public for this little guy for at least a week. Rylan's oxygen levels are good, and he's not having any trouble breathing yet. I'll update on Thursday as we will be making another visit to check-up on his oxygen levels/breathing.

Stay well,



  1. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I hope you are all well soon and that spring rushes in.

  2. My boss's daughter had RSV. Poor little guy- Im praying for you all.



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