Eat from the Pantry Challenge

When I saw that my favorite frugal blogger Money Saving Mom was having a challenge this month of eating from your pantry, I knew that our family could do this. We typically spend $400 a month on our grocery budget, which also includes diapers, wipes, pull-ups, cleaning supplies, and hygiene supplies. Sometimes I wonder what we spend it on, because we have half a beef in the freezer from our father-in-law (which we still need the amount from you so we can pay for it).

We usually eat out once a week (this comes out of our "Entertainment" envelope and is separate from our grocery money) so I'm sure we will continue to do that. Oh, and keep in mind, that we do only have 1 refrigerator (which is usually not packed full), and I do not have a stockpile of food in a pantry (except for about 6 cans of corn and 6 cans of green beans which are not pictured below).

Our family's goals:

1. Spend a total of $100.00 or less during the month of January (which includes all those extras mentioned above in our grocery budget).

2. Use the extra $$ to pay down debt or put in our vacation fund

I am not putting restrictions, such as only buy dairy, bread, and produce products on our family because it won't work for us. We will still need to buy diapers, wipes, pull-ups, juice for Joci's school snack, and my children are picky-eaters so I'm sure I will have to purchase some chicken tenders and fish sticks. And, what if I get that free or close-to-free item that needs purchased before a January 31st expiration date on a coupon?

We started our challenge on January 2nd, and hope to end on January 31st. Here are some pictures of our cabinets and freezer.


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  1. What a great idea. I'm pretty sure we could do that if we buckled down: four deer in the freezer, some chicken breasts I got cheap cheap cheap and I think I still have 2 turkeys I bought for $0.40/lb at Thanksgiving. What am I waiting for.


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