Clipping Coupons & Freebies 3

I'm a little behind posting--here is what I got 2 weeks ago.

**2 Crayola roller glues**Command poster stickies**2 packages of ornament hooks**3 Dove deodorants**Sample of Philosophy shower gel**Scotch gift wrap cutter**Kashi granola bar**21 Glade oil candles (some hiding behind toy truck)**Renu contact solution**Chuck truck & wagon**Elmo luggage tag**3 fleece blankets (to hopefully be used as fabric for next year's Christmas Eve jammies)

Keep in mind that the candles, blankets, and toy truck are after Christmas sales.
On the candles, no, I did not have 21 coupons. I had one, and the rest were in the candles. They were priced for $1.40 and the coupon was $1.50 off. I made $2.10 off those candles!! I made 2 trips for the candles; I didn't want to look like a nut. After my second trip, there were still about 20 candles left. I'm sure glad I made money off those, because I don't particularly care for how they burn. So, I definitely won't be buying them at regular price!

And, I guess I would have to say, yes Kerry, I may become a stock-piler. Couponing is addicting especially when I can get items for free (like the roller glues) or make money on them such as the contact solution and the candles.

Total Spent = $8.88

Total Saved = $60.99


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  1. Woohoo! Way to go! I'm glad to hear your take on the Glade candles. I contemplated doing the money-making scenario several times, but never got around to it.


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