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I have been trying to clip coupons more than I typically do. I've also been reading several blogs that help locate deals, sales, and freebies. Here is what I got a couple of weeks ago.

2 Olay Quench lotions = $0 after mail-in rebate

Scotch cutter = $2 (had $2.00 off coupon--I have another that I will purchase when the store stocks them back up to save to give as a gift).

Rayovac Batteries = + $.03 ($.97 at Wal-Mart; use $1.00 off coupon)

Millstone Coffee = free sample with coupons

140 Address Labels = free, but had to pay shipping of $3.00 (I didn't put our address on these because we already have more than enough free ones that are sent through the mail. I personalized these to say "A gift from the ------, and then put each of our names on them." These should last several years.

Box of Betty Crocker AuGratin Potatoes (not pictured) = free sample

I will try to post the list of blogs within the next month on my sidebar reading list so you may find these great deals also!!


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  1. I also got the 2 free lotions! They were expensive without coupons. Thanks for the list of sites! I'm impressed with how many free items are out there! :)


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